The governance
of BIG

The governance bodies of BIG

The main governance bodies of BIG, are the Operational Committee, and the Steering Committee.

  • The role of the Operational Committee is to monitor the overall progress of the program’s objectives, and to bring together the partner companies. It meets every quarter, approximately, and provides guidance on the orientation of projects, possible synergies between deliverables, and so on.
  • The Steering Committee is made up of the program’s founding companies, and, notably, institutional and community partners. It provides its expertise in the definition of the main orientations, and contributes to the influence of BIG.

Collaborative work first and foremost

The BIG program is based on the involvement of the various stakeholders interested in achieving its objectives: members of the teams of the partner companies, as well as expert organisations. The workload has been divided into different units, each with its own objectives, expertise, and teams. The nine units are divided into various themes: indicators, tools, promotion, and monitoring. 





Indicators & co-related benefits

Objective: doing applied research work, aimed at developing benchmarks, in order to develop indicators for measuring biodiversity in real estate.

Indicators of
site criticality

Sponsor :
Anne-Claire Barberi
Perial AM

Indicators of potential
for biodiversity

Sponsor :
Ulysse Gaignard
Amundi immobilier

of artificialization
of soil

Sponsor :
Diego Harari
Vinci Immobilier

Indicators of co-related
benefits relating to the
implementation of
biodiversity solutions

Sponsor :
Sabine Goueta-Desnault
Sponsor :
Christine Grèzes

Decision-making tools

Objective: developing a tool enabling companies to directly apply the indicators developed within the framework of the initiative to their own real estate activities.


Charlotte Girerd SNCF Immobilier

IT Development


Objective: initiating a collective intelligence dynamic between the program’s partners and the various stakeholders, in order to promote the taking into account of biodiversity.

Training and
facilitation unit

Sponsor :
Catherine Pouliquen
CA Immobilier
Sponsor :
Luc Abbadie
Institut de la transition

Communications and
events unit

Sponsor :
Nicolas Martin
Sponsor :
Pierre Darmet
Animateur radio-Immo

Scientific, regulatory & technical monitoring

Objective: permanent monitoring of the latest scientific and regulatory knowledge in terms of biodiversity and of new practices in the sector.

Scientific, regulatory & technical
monitoring unit

Sponsor :
Pierre Darmet
Animateur radio Immo