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“One of the key factors of the sustainable city is the integration of nature in its own right, which can provide all the ecosystem services expected of it. We are working with BIG to achieve this, and to promote biodiversity in a sustainable manner.”

Marie Laporte, Project manager

“Altarea is convinced that its activities must be fully in harmony with their environment and promote nature with multiple functions: preserving biodiversity, limiting the effects of climate change and bringing well-being and quality of life to residents, users and visitors.”

Nathalie Bardin, Strategic Marketing, CSR and Innovation Director

“As an investor in the biggest cities, our role is to preserve and even reintroduce biodiversity in cities, by explaining the issues, measuring our impact with BIG, and influencing the policies of all stakeholders.”

Sandrine Lafon-Ceyral, Head of ESG Policy

“Acting to preserve and develop biodiversity, reconnecting the urban environment with nature, and contributing to the influence of real-estate on its natural and human environment: these are challenges that need to be met collectively. This is why BNP Paribas Real Estate supports the BIG initiative.”

Catherine Papillon, Director of Sustainable Development/CSR

“Making room for life in all our operations, and reintroducing experiences of nature back into cities, is what drives us every day. As a founding member of BIG, we want to work collectively to improve the measurement of biodiversity, and thus implement solutions for preserving it.”

Olivia Conil Lacoste, Director of Sustainable Development and CSR

“We believe that protecting and restoring biodiversity at our facilities is key to combating climate change, as well as to ensuring the well-being of our residents and patients. With BIG, we will be able to monitor and improve our biodiversity footprint.”

Virginie Masurel, Group Social and Environmental Responsibility Director

“COVEA Immobilier unites its employees around the idea of re-naturalising the lifestyles of our tenants. The preservation of nature and the improvement of biodiversity are at the very heart of our thoughts and actions. The BIG collective will enable us to go even further.”

Charlotte Lacoste, Real Estate Investment Director ; Alain Catherine, Sustainable Development Consultant

“For us, BIG is a way of amplifying our commitment by sharing the concrete steps we are taking to give nature its rightful place in cities: the solutions exist! Making better assessments of impacts on biodiversity is a stimulus to go even further!”

Franck Hélary, Deputy Director-General

“As the first people responsible for the future of our territories, we have, through our activities, a major role to play in reversing the decline of life. BIG offers us this space for reflection and collective action to increase the impact of our solutions in favor of biodiversity and change tomorrow together.”

Julie Vion, General Counsel, Head of Transformation and Impact

“Gecina worked for the establishment of BIG, with the certainty that in order to accelerate our actions in promoting biodiversity in the real estate sector, we have to collectively define our measurements of the impact and value of biodiversity in our projects.”

Sabine Goueta Desnault, Executive Director of Innovation, R&D and CSR

“Groupama Immobilier joined the BIG collective initiative in order to benefit from an applied research program and discussions with qualified stakeholders, so as to integrate all the solutions that will preserve and restore biodiversity in the buildings under our management.”

Eric Donnet, Managing Director

“Our commitment to the BIG initiative is fully in line with Linkcity’s biodiversity strategy, which aims to participate in the renaturing of cities, by systematically integrating biodiversity into our projects, and by placing outdoor spaces and the landscape at the heart of our real estate projects.”

Christine Grèzes, CSR & Innovation Director

“Our stores and sites are pledges of exemplarity and must be at the forefront of our actions to promote biodiversity. The BIG initiative sets out the long-term ambitions of responsible real estate, complementing the commitment made by the LVMH group to restore five million hectares of wildlife habitat by 2030.”

Hélène Valade, Head of Environment Developement

“At Nexity, we are convinced that the presence of nature is essential in cities that create connections. BIG will enable a change of scale in the consideration of biodiversity in real estate, and the definition of a common framework for all.”

Marjolaine Grisard, CSR Director

“Placing biodiversity at the heart of our activities is a given. We must be the driving force behind the transformation of the sector; the BIG program allows us to share our vision and our work, so that we can all move forward together in reinventing our business models.”

Anne-Claire Barberi, CSR & Innovation Director

“Giving nature its rightful place is a key issue for the RATP Group, which is committed to improving the quality of the city every day. For us, the BIG initiative is a formidable driving force for collective action to amplify the steps taken by city stakeholders in favour of biodiversity.”

Stéphanie Chevallier, Sustainable Development Manager for the Real Estate Division

“Preserving biodiversity is the other challenge for ensuring that the future of generations to come is not compromised. This is why Schneider Electric is proud to participate in this research program on the biodiversity footprint of real estate projects.”

Lionel Merck, Director of Real Estate, France

“For SNCF Immobilier, the second largest landowner in France, territorial biodiversity is an essential condition of existence, a guarantee of the resilience of productive systems, and a source of well-being and balance for everyone.”

Charlotte Girerd, Director of Transition, CSR and Innovation

“In a critical context of global biodiversity loss, urban logistics has an essential role to play in preserving and restoring nature in cities, both through its real estate and land issues: this is the essence of Sogaris’ commitment to the BIG initiative.”

Juliette Berthon, CSR and Innovation Director

“With our commitment to achieving Zero Net Artificialisation by 2030, VINCI Immobilier is placing the protection of natural environments at the heart of our corporate strategy. Biodiversity therefore has the status not only of a sectoral issue, but also that of a core business element.”

Diego Harari, Director of Sustainable Development and Innovation

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