A participatory workshop on the challenges of the territory and the building

On March 17, 2023, BIG partners gathered for a participatory workshop in Nexity’s offices.The objective of this workshop was to create a space for discussion between biodiversity strategy implementers at the territorial level and project stakeholders or landowners at the building or development level. Despite a growing willingness among various stakeholders to integrate biodiversity issues, numerous barriers persist for coordinated and effective action.
Through group work on different case studies, the following questions were raised:

1. How to ensure that the project design phases align with the political expectations and development guidelines of communities?
2. How to reduce the boundaries between public and private spaces to enhance biodiversity?
3. How to mobilize private land and integrate buildings to strengthen biodiversity at the territorial level?
4. How to ensure the sustainability of implemented actions?

A big thank you to all participants for their involvement and enthusiasm, and thanks to Nexity for providing the meeting space!