Useful guides published by other organizations

  • LPO Isère, CAUE Isère, Biodiversity and buildings technical guide, 2012 (download here)
  • LPO Isère, CAUE Isère, Biodiversity and Urban Landscape Technical Guide, 2012 (download here)
  • Nord Nature Chico Mendès and LPO, EPF NPdC, Guide Biodiversité & worksites.
    How to reconcile Nature and urban projects?, 2019 (download here)
  • Natureparif, Building by promoting biodiversity, 2012 (download here)
  • OBDU, Natureparif, Plante & Cité, MNHN, Create green roofs favorable to biodiversity, 2011 (download here)
  • Schmid et al., Birds, glass and light in construction, 2008 (download here)